Self Care is probably heard this before; put the oxygen mask over your own mouth before you assist others.  You can’t help others, if you can not help yourself. This seems to be such good, easy advice to follow, but some times it is challenging to put it into practice.  We must first like or love ourselves enough to put the oxygen mask on first.

Self care is about Balance

Nature is made up systems of balance, night and day; cold and hot; birth and death.  This is the same for humans, to live a balance life.   A balance must exist between narcism and self sacrificing. So when you catch yourself saying “No one cares for me”; turn it around “When last did I care for me?”  This is where you begin.   If you feel that someone is not caring for you, look at where you are not caring for yourself.   Write your list without doing any filtering; keep writing until you can write no more.  Once you have a list begin with the one that you find the easiest to do for yourself.   This might be cleaning your bathroom, taking time for reading a book, taking extra care with your grooming, it doesn’t matter.  Pick one and do this everyday for a week.

After a week evaluate how different you are feeling.  Are you feeling better about yourself, have others changed the way they respond to you.   This will vary from very different to no different, all answers are great and feedback that you can use in the future.  If you feel no different it could be that you didn’t pick some thing that you truly believe is self care, evaluate this for yourself.  This is not a test and there are no right answers, be honest with yourself.  If you are feeling vastly different, that’s great, you have taken steps forward to self care.

Now take it to a new level and pick the next thing on your list.  The more you value yourself the more others will value you.

If you need assistance in putting together a self care plan contact me for a complimentary coaching session.