Negative Self Talk impacts Self Care

Dealing with negative self talk can be the most important part of self care.  We all have the negative voice inside of us, which tells us how we are not enough, how we should do things that we don’t have enough money, skills, brains, etc.  I’d like to provide an alternative to dealing with the inner critic than is often proposed that you should deny this part of yourself, because I think this is bollooks, why would you want to deny a part of yourself?  I think these thoughts are inner reflections of the parts of us that we do not love.

One of the greatest fears that most of us walk around with is “I’m not good enough”  This statement isn’t empowering or helpful and quite destructive to your self care.  This is because this negative thought is far too general.   Not good enough for what?  What is meant by not good enough?

Once you start breaking the statement down, you are able to turn it around, not to be “positive” but to see where the reflection is.  No one is able to be at peak performance in every area, this isn’t a design flaw it is the way that it should be.  Just as day turns to night, summer turns to winter, everything in the universe has an opposite.  And each side has a purpose and each side can build your self care.

Get Specific

When you next find yourself having a negative thought, break it down, and get really specific about exactly what the negativity is about.  Once you have done this you can look at how being “not good enough” in that area, is serving you.  Also, identify where you are good enough, we are constantly transforming, and this exercise assists us in identifying where the transformation is.


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