What exactly is Gratitude?

There is some much talk about finding things in your life that you can be grateful for.  And on some level you know you “should” show gratitude for everything in your live.

This can be exceptionally hard when you are in the midst of maybe the most challenging time of your life.   There seems so little to show gratitude for.  The deeper the emotional time, the deeper you sometimes need to dig to find the gratitude.  The crazy thing is that when we are in emotional highs, we have little need or scope to grow.  Yet when we are in the throws of emotional lows, that’s when we have the potential to grow and stretch ourselves beyond belief emotionally and mentally.

Getting to full gratitude is about being  thankful and appreciative when it seems impossible to be thankful and appreciative.  The ” bad” times.  This includes those events which society believe or judges as bad, sad or devastating.    You will experience true gratitude when you are able to appreciate the things that cause you perceived pain.   Life is 50:50, if  you noted  everything that happened you would see that there is an equal number of “pleasure” events as there are “pain” events.   The universe is always maintaining balance.  Some experiences that may seem to only able to cause pain, will later in reflection be a source of great pleasure.   There are so many stories on the web of people who have had adversity and yet over time have been able to find the blessing afterwards.   Amy Purdy is one of these people.  At a time of her life when her future seemed so rosy, disaster struck.  I a few short days her life turned totally around.  I won’t spoil her story for you, so take a look at the video and then reflect on where you are today on your journey of healing from your divorce.