Creating AffirmationsCommon Mistakes when creating affirmations

I thought we would begin with stating some of the errors that are made when creating affirmations:

  1. State the affirmation as a desire or something you are striving for e.g. I want to ……
  2. State what you don’t want e.g I don’t want…
  3. State affirmations that others want you to be, do or have
  4. State unrealistic intentions e.g I am a champion skier when you have never seen snow
  5. State affirmations as goals

Now that you know what you affirmations aren’t lets look at the Seven Steps to creating affirmations

Three Simple Steps to Creating Affirmations

We can set affirmations in the Seven Areas of life which are:  Spiritual, Mental, Vocational, Financial, Family, Social and Physical.  Ideally you want to create 1 or 2 for each area.

Step 1:  Get Started – published is better than perfection

The most challenging thing about creating affirmations is often getting started.  I find the easiest way to start is to begin with a list of “I am” statements.  Write down all the empowering thoughts that come to mind,  without any filtering.  Have fun

“I am doing what I love”, “I have wealth all around me”,

Step 2:  Filtering your thoughts

Take a look at your list and now start filtering out what doesn’t work.  Look at each statement and ask yourself:

  • Is this believable?
  • Is this empowering?
  • does it make me feel something?

Step 3: Post them all over for you to fully become your affirmations

What you do in this step will be personal to you.  These are some ideas where you can post your affirmations to keep them top of mind.  The is especially important in the first 28 days after you have created them.  Retraining your mind, takes time.  Generally this takes 28 days, sometimes longer and sometimes shorter.  They important thing is that you do it consistently for a period of time.

  • put them up in your bathroom, or on the fridge door
  • add them as a memo to your phone
  •  Set a reminder to read them at least three times a day

Well, thats it 3 steps to creating affirmations!  If you have any questions on creating your affirmations, please leave a comment or contact me.